• Djangocon EU talks

    So, Django Con Europe just ended a couple of days ago and all the party people have been blowing up the Planet Django feed that I subscribe to and I wanted to make a list of the talks I want to watch when they hit the 3 dubs.

  • playing around with erlang

    I’ve been messing around with Erlang after picking up Erlang and OTP in Action(affiliate code) and hopefully I will be writing massively scalable applications soon because Erlang makes it so easy. Even though I’m not quite there, here is what I got so far:

  • switching servers

    572 days were accounted for in the output of uptimed but I had this same Linode allocated to me since oct 20th 2008, thats about 30 months that it has been up and run a variety of distros starting with Gentoo, then CentOS 5, Debian, and now I am switching to a new linode running Ubuntu server LTE 10.04.

  • Dvorak Keyboards

    I saw a article on Dvorak Keyboards today and i had to give them a try.
    (btw, this article is also being typed on a querty keyboard, it wasn’t that easy to pick up after all.)

  • Syncing a Nokia N95 with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx aka 10.4

    Getting your SyncML phone working with Ubuntu just got a lot harder in their newest release, but fortunately it is still possible with a bit of work. In the latest release, they moved from libsoup 2.2 to 2.4 and didn’t leave the old version in the repositories, so to get it working, you need to download the .deb packages for karmic and install them side by side.

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