• Small Tabletop Chest: Intermediate Woodworking Project

    rendering of chest on desk

  • From Django Zinnia Blog to Jekyll Static Sites

    I’ve been neglecting my homepage for a while, and as a dynamic site written in Django, it is harder to manage and I just don’t want to spend the same amount of effort anymore to run a page I don’t frequently update.

  • Running Asterisk SIP Trunks in Docker

    With the new release of Docker 0.11 it has finally become easy to run Asterisk inside of Docker. Instead of port forwarding your RDP and SIP ports, you can now pass –net=host to Docker and avoid all those NAT SIP header rewriting issues. My start_asterisk configuration is below and beneath that is a second command I use for accessing the Asterisk Shell.

  • html framework

    960 grid system is a fixed width html layout framework. There is a bad ass generator at that used to be linked from the main page, and I have no idea why it is not there any more. Rank it up google!

  • Djangocon EU talks

    So, Django Con Europe just ended a couple of days ago and all the party people have been blowing up the Planet Django feed that I subscribe to and I wanted to make a list of the talks I want to watch when they hit the 3 dubs.

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