I saw a article on Dvorak Keyboards today and i had to give them a try.
(btw, this article is also being typed on a querty keyboard, it wasn’t that easy to pick up after all.)

I knew about Dvoark for some time but I have never bothered to try it before, but I was sold when I read that when using Dvorak, 70% of the keystrokes were on the home row as opposed to 32% with qwerty. Also, to improve the speed that people type, the vowels are on one side of the keyboard so that you can alternated from right and left hands when you type words with alternating vowels and constants.

I decided to jump in and add the keyboard layout for Dvoark and used http://learn.dvorak.nl/ to practice typing. I was surprised how many words that were type able with out moving your fingers off the home keys. At the end I was given a summary of how I did. In my defense, there might be a couple of minutes counted in there when I was changing the keyboard layout but I might of refreshed before I started. Regardless, either way I have some practicing to do and some stickers to make.

The second time I was able to get to 7 minutes and this is with qwerty typing in between.