I’ve been messing around with Erlang after picking up Erlang and OTP in Action(affiliate code) and hopefully I will be writing massively scalable applications soon because Erlang makes it so easy. Even though I’m not quite there, here is what I got so far:

-module(all_work). -export([convert_temp/1]). convert_temp({T,c}) -> {T * 9/5 + 32,f}; convert_temp({T,f}) -> {(T - 32)* 5/9,c}.

A simple program to convert C to F.

24> c(all_work). {ok,all_work} 25> all_work:convert_temp({73,f}). {22.77777777777778,c} 26> all_work:convert_temp(all_work:convert_temp({73,f})).

What is Next? Who knows.