Cardinal Blue

I am responsible for imaging all the linux workstations this summer and i
was trying to make it more personal this time. Usually they are all
default installations where a lot of stuff doesn’t work the right way.
This time i want to put a lot of effort into it and do it right. One of
the small things i wanted was a boot theme like i saw at LSU. I choose
centOS because of the long term support it offered and the targeted use.
centOS uses a program called rhgb, Red Hat Graphical Boot, to display
the start up sequence on boot. I was able to easily change the images
and i was able to get my schools logo and seal on there but i would like
to have the colors match as well. Right now the background is the
centOS blue, which if i cant change, will become cardinal blue. I might
have to go to a student government association next week and ask them to
change the schools colors to more match this labs computers. As a
backup plan i am still working on changing the background color to red. I
have asked a couple of people in the fedora freenode channels for some
advice and they said that fedora 10 will have a different graphical boot
program. i also sent a email to a dev who was responsible for the
fedora artwork and i hope that she can give me some advice too. So, if
anyone has an easy way of doing this let me know :D.


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